Awesome Kids Project with Emily Weiss

Where the Awesome Kids Project Began:

The Awesome Kids Project grew out of an exercise my youngest son Eli did in the third grade. His teacher, Ms. Finberg, made every child in the class finish this sentence for every other child in the class:

You are awesome because

Each child went home with 25 pieces of paper that described why they were awesome to someone else. Eli held on to those slips of paper for a long time. When he felt down, or bad about himself, or just needed a pick me up – he would pull them out and read them. It was an amazing gift of kindness, self-esteem building, and love between 25 nine-year-olds.

I want to build on this theme with a portrait project that shows kids (and everyone else) how awesome they are.

How it works:

I need about 45 minutes for your child to be to be photographed and a quick chat.  I will audio record the conversation and pull out the best snippet of our conversation and match it to the portrait I think is the most authentic to your child.

What does it cost?

The introductory price for a session is $150. I require a signed model release and you will receive a high-resolution file of the portrait selected for the final Art Piece or you can apply the $150 towards the purchase of the Final Art Piece.

Want to participate?

CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A SESSION online.  Or call me at 1-202-270-4424 to discuss.

What to wear?

This is not a white shirt and khaki kind of portrait.  Let your child pick the clothes that make him/her feel comfortable and most like themselves. Who cares if it’s mismatched – that is part of what makes your child unique.  If they have a special stuffed animal or object they can’t live without…bring it!  Future Superheros, Disney Princesses, and those that like to lounge in their pajamas all day are especially welcome!

Awesome Kids Project with Emily Weiss

Where will my child’s session take place?

I have a new small studio space in the heart of Chevy Chase, DC! Keeping it Simple – white backdrop with one light.

Can I buy the final art piece?

YES!  You may purchase the final art piece.  The final signed Art Piece measures 24×16 and is printed on metal.  It arrives ready to hang and no additional framing is necessary. The cost is $650.

Larger sizes are available by request. Measure your space and we will find a size that fits perfectly!

Awesome Kids Project with Emily Weiss Art Print

Wall display in a home

What are the plans for the project?

The final art pieces will be displayed on my blog, website, and social media.  My ultimate goal: use this body of work to apply for grants that will allow me to bring the Awesome Kids Project to underrepresented communities where children are often marginalized, underrepresented, or unheard – unless there is a tragedy or special circumstances. I would love to gift this to children who have faced hard times, illness, or displacement and/or partner with an organization that could use an art project to help bring attention to their mission.

I welcome your thoughts on where this kind of project would shine a light on awesome kids in an underrepresented community or population.


Get in touch and I’ll happily answer any questions you might have.