Washington, Dc Family Photography

Halloween is a childhood rite of passage and many families have yearly rituals and traditions surrounding it that make it perfect for a Washington, DC family photography session.

McKenna’s family has a tradition every Halloween.  They spend a morning making pancakes and they go to the local pumpkin patch to pick out their pumpkins for Halloween.  McKenna’s  mom really wanted to document this special yearly tradition.

child standing on countertops to get something out of the high cupboards

McKenna found her own way to get the pancake mix out of the kitchen cabinets.

child using a whisk to mix pancake batter

Everyone had a role in making breakfast.

mom and daughter holding hands while cooking

I loved how they just naturally started hold hands while cooking.

family having breakfast at the kitchen counter

It was a beautiful Sunday breakfast spread.

making a cup of hot cocoa

Sunday breakfast was topped off with a cup of hot chocolate.

daughter eating just the marshmallows out of her hot chocolate

Which first requires a spoon…

child sipping up the last of the hot chocolate with a straw

And then a straw.

child having a tender moment with her cat

I love to also capture interactions with the fur babies of a family.

daughter and her mom ion the floor in their living room

Mckenna taking a break from tumbling routines in the living room.

mom and daughter getting ready to leave the house

Getting ready to head out the door.

daughter at the pumpkin patch with a chicken

There were loose chickens at the pumpkin patch!

picking out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch

McKenna wanted way more pumpkins than she could carry.

child checking the weight of her pumpkin

McKenna making sure they weight the right amount.

mom taking a iphone photo of her duaghter in the pumpkins

Mom always has to grab a snap of Mckenna on the big pumpkin pile.

father and daughter walk to the car

Dad and McKenna have a super special bond.

mom and daughter in the backseat of the car

Mom and Mckenna giggling in the back seat.

daughter reading out star wars trivia facts to her father who is driving

Mckenna and her dad are big Star Wars fan and play Star Wars trivia while driving to pass the time.

child sliding down the slide

The family has a lovely community playground literally in their backyard.

dada pushing mom on the swings while daughter swings as well

Family swing time!

child upside down on the swings

Wild child!

As a mom whose own children have decided that they are too old for Halloween, I hope all parents take a moment to document these kinds of rituals with their own kids because they will be over before you know it.