Washington, DC Family Photography

I love when a family invites me back.  I was invited to document Julian and Leo about two years ago when I just started my journey into documentary family photography.  Back then it was just the two of them and Leo was the baby.  Now they have baby Nolan. Not much as changed except that Julian and Leo have added a new member to their pack.

Mom and Dad do an amazing job keeping three boys entertained and moving. We spent Sunday morning playing with toys, eating breakfast, and then a visit to the US National Arboretum for a pickup baseball game and a picnic lunch.


Dad playing light sabors with his two boys

Is there a boy household that is not obsessed with light sabers and Star Wars?

two brothers playing with trains in thier home basement

Julian and Leo have a very extensive train collection and spend hours playing together with it.

child filling up the coffeepot

A weekend ritual – making the coffee for mom and dad.

mom helping sprinkle cinnamon sugar on her child's toast

A sprinkle of cinnamon sugar makes your toast taste even better.

the two brothers eating thier toast for breakfast

And makes it the first thing you eat off your breakfast plate.

The family dog patiently waiting for crumbs under the youngest child's chair

Someone knows exactly where the next tidbit is coming from.

The baby is still asleep in his crib

Meanwhile, Nolan is still on his morning nap.

the middle child getting tickled during a diaper change

Diaper changing always requires tickling!

Dad brushing teeth with his oldest child

And don’t forget to brush your teeth!

Dad kissing the fingers of his yougest baby

Nolan is the happiest sweetest baby I’ve ever seen.

The two brothers playing catch in the backyard

Getting their Ya-Ya’s out before getting in the car!

The baby gnaws on a teething toy while the middle child looks on

Nolan was teething big time and big brother often helped when his teething toy would fall out of reach.

Dad getting his boys into position to play wiffle ball at the National Arboretum

At the National Arboretum getting set for a quick game of baseball before lunch.

The baby hangs out with mom's big floppy hat on the picnic quilt

Nolan checks out Mom’s hat while waiting for the baseball game to conclude.

The middle child and dada touch fingers during lunch

This says a lot about how much Dad loves his boys.


Dad picks up both boys like rag dolls while laughing

Dad loves to be silly with them too.

The baby sleeps in his car seat while the older buys run upstairs for quiet time

Nolan can cat-nap anywhere – very much a third kid.

Mom and dada read stories with the two older boys before quiet time

Quick story before afternoon quiet time.